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For Class - K.G. to onwards: Original Date of Birth Certificate issued by Gram Panchyat Secretary/Nagar Palika/ Governmented and Private Hospitals.

For Class I to onwards:  Original Transfer Certificate (T.C.) from a school recognized by C.B.S.E. Delhi, M.S.P. Allahabad or CISCE Delhi and Counter Signed by appropriate Education Authority .

Original Report Card/statements of marks, character certificate issued by the Previous school . A passport size latest photograph.

Examination & Promotion

 There are three test & examination held in one academic year held by the school.

First Unit Test : August Pre Mid Test (Quarterly) : September Second Unit Test : November

Mid Test (Half Yearly) : December Third Unit Test : February Post Mid Test (Annual) : March

Promotion at the end of the scholastic year will depend of daily assessment . Their daily assessment will include written and oral work . It is very important for every students to pass test and examination individually. Regular attendance is expected from each students . If a student does not have 75% of the attendance for the year, he/she will not be permitted to appear for Annual Examination/ Board Examination.

Students who are absent for any of the examination due to sickness should submit Medical Certificate at the earliest during the examination period itself