School Beliefs
- That everyone is important and everything that they do matters
- That learning gives us life chances
- That doing ‘the best we can’ is fantastic
- That we should all be honest with ourselves and others
- That the world is a wonderful place and we owe it to everyone to ensure that we:
- Make the most of it and every opportunity it offers
- Understand that we share it with others
- Take care of it and all those in it

School Aims
- To prepare students to be independent life-long learners and to be successful and positive members of society
- To promote creativity, confidence and determination
- To encourage students to have high expectations
- To develop self esteem and mutual respect
- To show that if we are positive we can achieve more

This will be done through:
1. Recognising and providing for individual needs.
2. Valuing and respecting all forms of achievement.
3. Creating a supportive physical and social climate.
4. Helping individuals review their own progress and establish challenging goals for the future.
5. Ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them.
6. Working together with the community.
7. Valuing people equally.

We are very proud of the achievements of all our students new and old and we welcome every opportunity to promote their achievements.